Benefits of a TV Channel

Livecast365 allows users to upload their content once and be seen on various OTT platforms: like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire.

Now, anyone can get on television. Livecast365 has not only automated the entire process, but offers truly UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH.

Our platform is the most AFFORDABLE SOLUTION on the market.

With Livecast365, you can stream live video to all platforms simultaneously, with just a click of a button. Livecast365 enables UNLIMITED LIVE STREAMS, to each channel through our customized platform.

The power in YOUR HANDS.

Livecast365 changes the game. You own the content, you control the content, and you earn 100% of your advertising revenue. When we say UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, we mean it.

Unlike other companies, we do not charge users expensive rates based off of views and popularity. With Livecast365, users will NEVER RECEIVE expensive or hidden bandwidth fees.

Livecast365 works in inventory and resource management. We DO NOT impose limits on ANY of our services.

When building a channel with Livecast365, you must assign the amount of storage you want to reserve for each channel.

As long as you own enough available storage, you can create the channel.

Do the work once, and SHARE IT EVERYWHERE.

You can integrate content into all of the top social networks, mobile viewing apps, and web based channels. We are the ONLY PLATFORM that allows you to integrate content in several OTT platforms and syndicate between user accounts.

This means MORE VISIBILITY for each piece of content you create or share; according this generates increased ad revenue and sales leads.

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