Website Management

Livecast365 is the ONLY company that launches custom websites to manage & support channels

With Livecast365 you can sell your clients a customized channel website. For example, if you sold your client a channel on Roku for Bigfoot Hunters USA then you could also sell them a website ( so the public can only see the channel but actually upload and manage video content for that channel.

And if that was not enough you can actually extend your channel functionality to your website making it an additional revenue stream. Let’s say you choose a subscription channel, you can launch a subscription website.

Our websites and eCommerce fully integrate into your SaaS and your client channels.

Features Include;

Automated Channel Website – We are the only platform that builds channel specific websites that manages the channel on multiple platforms. It is as easy as uploading a video to your own website and in the background our system goes to work for you. 

Automated eCommerce Site – Your channel website also can have a fully functional store embedded into your website to extend the functionality of your web and OTT applications. 

Live Streaming – Our live streaming is automated just click a button and you are streaming live on your website, social platforms and OTT. 

Webinars – We also use our live streaming to allow you to host your own webinars, there is no additional cost.