Unlimited Bandwidth

Do Not Be Fooled

In order to understand bandwidth usage, you must understand who is controlling your content. This is really simple, just follow the money. Your content is what drives advertising revenue, most companies want to force you to use their player, this way THEY control the advertising dollars and in fact control YOU.

Advertising is delivered to a programmed player, this is why when you use Vimeo or YouTube, even on YOUR own website, the player will have their logo. This is because even though you created the content, you created the website and you brought the traffic to your website, Vimeo and YouTube collect the advertising revenue for your work. Then they decide how much they believe you deserve of the advertising revenue they collected. This is why they offer you this “Free” service or “Unlimited Bandwidth” because they keep YOUR money.

So although the offer unlimited bandwidth this is ONLY when you use their player, this is how they make their money. The minuted YOU start collecting your advertising dollars they start charging you for bandwidth and it is VERY EXPENSIVE.

This is why these platforms are so wealthy because the real money is in advertising and they collect everyone’s advertising revenue.

Livecast365 changes the game, you own the content, you control the content and you earn 100% of your own advertising revenue. When we say UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH it is truly unlimited.