FIVE Reasons Why You Should be Live Streaming Today

5 Reasons to be Live Streaming

As live streaming is becoming increasingly popular, more people and businesses are coming to realize its advantages. Here are the top ways you can benefit from live streaming your events and content.


    The most obvious perk of streaming is the number of people that can be exposed to your product, service, or event. If you live stream your concert, you will draw more attendees the following year due to the exposure. On the other hand, a small meeting can now transform into a company-wide event. You can have several hundred people, or several million people, watching and engaged.

    Coachella is a perfect example. They decided to live stream their performances in 2019 and saw a sudden rise in popularity. The concert became one of the most discussed topics on the internet. Accordingly, the following year was even bigger. In 2020, within the first three hours of ticket availability, they sold out. Coachella proves the influence that live streaming can have and the sheer numbers that it can generate.

    Live streaming allows people from around the world to be involved in events that they would not normally have access to. A live-streamed business meeting, for example, could include members from all over the world (without the hefty fees of international calling). Live streaming could also serve as the method of advertisement to foreign countries with hopes of growing the profit and popularity there.

    For larger companies, live streaming can save a lot of money that would usually be spent on travel expenses. Instead of asking employees to travel several hours to the location of a convention, it could be live streamed at little to no cost. Instead of losing time and money associated with travel, live streaming allows additional time for employees to implement the points of discussion into their routine.

    Another benefit of live streaming is that it allows footage to be saved for future reference. These enduring videos, created for businesses, can be shown to new employees, new customers, and be reviewed by others as well. Footage review is essential to ensure everyone hears and understands the same information. These event-based live streams can continue to be watched after the initial release, so it will contribute to the event’s popularity for longer than the initial duration. Not to mention, any material can be released online as video on demand (VOD) in order to generate more money from a professionally filmed video.
  5. EASY AS 1-2-3

    Live streaming has many capabilities and perks for businesses of all sizes. Anyone can benefit from live streaming an event, either publicly or privately. One can livestream to millions of people, or to a select group of VIPs. With improved equipment, better software programs, and the power of Livecast 365, it has never been easier or cheaper to stream live video.

    Internet TV, together with live streaming, is a tremendous opportunity for you to reach new audiences from around the globe. Turn your creative talent into revenue! All you need is a platform that can help you manage your video content. Once you have this, you can distribute it across all of the emerging platforms.

    With Livecast 365, we welcome you to the future of video streaming and content monetization.