Smart TVs: Lean-Back Viewing is Back

The growth of the Smart TV market has exploded and its value is expected to grow to $253 billion by 2023. With it has been a return to a more traditional “lean-back” television viewing experience. Lean-back tv is back!

Let me explain. TV was conventionally viewed on a large screen with the viewer “leaning back” and enjoying the remote control access to whatever show was on. However, new tech such as tablets, computers and smart phones are associated with “leaning forward” – similar to browsing the Web. Personal devices are everywhere and mobile apps have become a big part of the internet TV experience. 

Still, the Smart TV market continues to grow. While all types of content can be watched on every device, each screen has a special role in the consumer’s overall video experience. Content creators need to distribute across all platforms to be sure not to miss any eyeballs – and to maximize the viewer experience.

As you will see below, Smart TVs represent the perfect hybrid experience– and a tremendous opportunity for monetization of your videos. Smart TVs combine the best of traditional lean-back tv with internet search capability and family/group viewing.

While people continue to gather around TVs to consume news, sports and special live events, the additional trend of shared OTT viewing on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Roku has viewers lining up to buy Smart TVs in record numbers.

So, what does this mean for you as a content creator or media owner? You simply cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to showcase your content on all devices – including Smart TVs!

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