Sales & Pricing

Complete Business In A Box

Seamless product and package pricing allow you the flexibility to run your business your way. Your SaaS is set up to allow automatically recurring payments from your clients directly to your merchant account or internet merchant provider, like PayPal for instance.

Our sophisticated integration makes this an easy transaction for your clients whether on the web or enterprise-level clients. You have the flexibility to run your business your way.

Sales & Pricing Options

Channel Web Sales – Sell completely built or build to order channels for any of our OTT networks as well as various syndication methods. You can charge per channel, per platform or per syndication allowing you complete flexibility with your client.

Content Enterprise Sales – Not all your sales come from online so we have created a quoting and charging package you control. You can set up any number of prices, fees, and services for specific clients.

Package Sales – Create standard or modified package templates to resell to various clients

Storage Sales – As you are also the CDN (Content Delivery Network) you make more money every time your client needs to purchase additional storage. This is automated and a great source of passive income.