Make More Money with Livecast365

We have made a special deal with a leading advertising company out of Los Angeles California to deliver advertisements to each of our clients. This means you have a DIRECT RELATIONSHIP with a third-party advertising company so you can finally take back control of your content.

It is very simple in our AUTOMATED SaaS. You simply mark a channel ready to receive advertisements and the rest is handled for you.

You will have an independent third-party portal to track all your ADVERTISING REVENUE.

TAKE CONTROL and do not let any company decide how much you should earn.

Pay-Per-View allows your VIEWERS TO ORDER and access one-time broadcasts, including premium recorded and live content. To purchase a Pay-Per-View event your viewers simply click on the content and agree to the cost of the program.

Our customized software makes it easy for you to set up and run a live or pre-recorded pay per view event with our advanced POINT AND CLICK TECHNOLOGY.

YOU CAN CREATE SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT for your channel and set an access fee. Viewers then must pay the set fee to view the content or live stream. The subscription content fee is set by you and can be changed at any time.

Functionality is everything and the DONATION FEATURE is an important function in our toolkit. Viewers can donate directly to your channel, video, or livestream. Now your profit, charities, or fundraises can reach a whole new audience.

For years experts have known the best way to sell a product or service is to GET ON TV. Now with our technology, you can generate sales directly from viewers.

Similar to home shopping your viewers could watch you review or demo a product and BUY RIGHT ON THE CHANNEL with a click of their remote.

Livecast365 offers you options to attract, contact, maintain and TRACK LEADS gathered from sources online and on television.

Consumers view an ad in the comfort of their home, they’ve shown their interest by responding, and they’ve clearly demonstrated a tendency to make an impulse purchase by calling in response to a television commercial. So when you get a call in response from a TV commercial, you have an IDEAL BUYER on the phone. This holds even truer for long-form or infomercial calls