Content Syndication

Meet the power of Livecast365 Syndication

Syndication is the ability to do the work once and share it on many platforms. We are the ONLY company that allows you to syndicate through automation and to not only television platforms and social media platforms but also between channels and users.

Your content needs viewers, and we offer you the ability to be seen.

Syndication Options

Multiple OTT channels – This allows you to upload the content once and be seen on various OTT platforms like Amazon, Apple, and Roku.

Multiple Social Networks – Bringing you the power of social networks. One upload and you decide which social media platforms you want to allow for your content.

Channel To Channel – We do not just stop by allowing you to post to multiple platforms, but now inside of each platform you can share to specific channels, This allows the most possible viewership for your content.

Content To User – You can even share your content to other user channels for purchase or advertising revenue.

User To User – Merge entire channels into one another to share similar content with various audiences.

We have not only built the world’s most advanced content delivery network but in addition, we have built-in solutions to GET YOU VIEWERS, all at no additional cost.