Be Like Netflix

Livecast365 gives you the power of Netflix

With high levels of concern about COVID-19, more than one in three small businesses report having already shut down, at least temporarily. Unemployment is at near-record highs. Yet, companies like Netflix who offer OTT (Over the Top) TV solutions are winning big. In the first quarter of 2020, Netflix added 15.8 million subscribers and that number grows daily.

With 200 million subscribers, the Netflix business model works. If you ever dreamed of having your own Netflix style site and even going forward by monetizing your video content, it has never been easier thanks to the team at Livecast365.

The look and feel of Netflix is not unique. Yet this is the site people think of as it has emerged as the global trendsetter in OTT broadcasting. Still, there are competitors emerging every day as this market continues to expand – similar to the early “Dot-Com” craze that made so many millionaires.

With Livecast 365, you have the opportunity to easily create a Netflix-style site with your own unique and feel – and you can monetize it. You might not be fighting Netflix for all of its tens of billions in revenue, but isn’t it time to get your share of that giant pie?

So, what can we learn from the Netflix Subscription Model – and how can we apply it to start making money now? What is Netflix’s not-so “secret sauce?”

1. Easy Access

With free trails, easy sign-up and the promise of easy cancellation if users are not satisfied, Users have flocked to Netflix. This ease of sign-up allows Netflix the opportunity to gain eyeballs quickly and focus their energy on providing the content that will keep the viewers hooked.

If you have a niche offering – or a different package – it is easy to copy this model. Even better, Livecast365 allows you to automate the easy subscription process and make it an easy point-and-click for your viewers to join.

Plus, you can access Netflix anywhere an internet connection is available. This means viewers don’t have to be connected to cable or satellite services that is only specific to a certain region. Your niche offering can be offered world-wide or to a specific locale that fits your business. With on-demand videos, viewers don’t have to sit around waiting for their favorites to air.

2. No Ads

Why are so many content creators failing?  Why are Youtubers with hundreds of thousands of followers not able to make a proper living? The model for monetization for ads on these sites has failed them.  With a Netflix-style site, you aren’t relying on a small percentage of ad dollars. You get to set and keep a subscription fee. Even a small number of viewers can quickly add up to some serious revenue.

3. Focus on Content

No question, Netflix is successful because their content – both original and acquired – keeps people coming back for more. Again, Livecast365 can be your ally in this fight. By using our scheduling platform and through the ease of adding new content from whatever source, you can keep your viewers engaged and those subscriptions coming in.

And with Livecasst365’s automation, your focus can be where it should be – content and creativity.

But, don’t just limit yourself to the Netflix-style site!

While you can use this model to create a sophisticated Netflix-style OTT website, with Livecast365 you do not need to stop there. Beyond subscription TV, Livecast365 allows you to do more:

  • Live Streaming
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Integrated Advertising
  • Pay Per View Events
  • Product Sales
  • Lead Generation

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