Authorization & Privileges

Now you have the platform you have to set the privileges

Once you have your platform and channel setup now you have to control who can access and use your tools. With several user privilege types to meet different circumstances, you control the entire process.

You control the content, you control your SaaS, you control the process.

Livecast365 gives you all the tools you need to start, run and control your entire platform.

Authorization Options;

Admin – You have the ability to create additional admin’s, that said they would have all the same privileges you would have for your account so use this option with caution.

Agents – When you create an agent they begin with no permissions. You have to go into a channel and assign the agent to the channel they can administrate. Their only ability is to work on channels you assign to them. 

Web – Standard website privileges apply to both websites and eCommerce sites built by the Livecast365 platform. 

Video – You have the ability to set an entire channel up so you or another admin must approve each video uploaded before it gets posted on your platforms.