About Us

Why Livecast365 ?

We started LIVECAST365 knowing we wanted to be on the cutting edge of an emerging market. It was clear in the marketing world Streaming Television was not only cutting edge, but the market was basically untapped. How can we build a successful business around that idea?

We spent months analyzing our competition finding what they did well and what they neglected to feature. During this time, we realized not only could we combine all their competencies, but we could offer them all in one place far cheaper. This immediately became our mission to bring a more affordable system that does everything.

After months of coding and creating we knew we had built something remarkable. We automated systems to eliminate issues. We found affordable alternatives to our competition who raised prices as their customers expanded content. We made one click live streaming possible without raising prices. So, we were left with one major burning question. How do we distribute this worldwide without hiring thousands of sales personnel?

We decided that we would use the entrepreneurial spirit everyone has inside. So, we developed a model that can allow anyone to sell channels, advertising, software, and live shows all through our platform. At Livecast365 we are dedicated to you the consumer but also our distributor. We truly view this as a business partnership, where you can become independently wealthy while we provide amazing customer service.