Your TV Channel

Did you miss the glory days of YouTube, eBay or Amazon? Do not miss today’s opportunity. The OTT market is exploding, everyone has heard it called many things, cutting the cord, cord-cutters, Roku or OTT.

Now anyone can get on television because Livecast365 has not only automated the entire process, but we also offer truly UNLIMITED bandwidth. Do not be fooled by our competitors, they are expensive and will either charge you for bandwidth or refer you to someone who does.

Our platform is the only affordable solution on the market.

Main Features

Content Syndication

Do the work once and share it everywhere.

Not only can you integrate into all the top social networks, but we are the only platform that allows you to integrate in several OTT platforms and syndicate between user accounts.

This means MORE visibility for each piece of content you create or share, which equals increased sales, leads or advertising revenue.

Main Features

Automated Channel Manager

Automation is the key to success. Livecast365 automates all those small frustrating tasks that take technical skills and understanding. With Livecast365 we have automated all of these functions and create an enterprise-level automated SaaS that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Main Features

Sales & Pricing

As a completely white-labeled enterprise business solution, you set your own prices based on your margins. This is done with a simple point and click pricing structure that is clear, easy to use and ensures you maximum profit on each service you use or sell through Livecast365.

Main Features

Website Management

If complete channel automation wasn’t enough you can also build individual channel websites that are completely automated with Livecast365. Imagine the power of launching a web portal that controls all the various television portals and social networks, with your branding and marketing. With Livecast365 it is as simple as clicking a button.

Main Features

Authorization & Privileges

Access control is key to crowd sourcing, managing and controlling user actions. You control who has access to your SaaS, channels, web portals, live streams, eCommerce sites, and your command center. Livecast365 gives you complete control of your entire platform.

Main Features

Insta Channels

If you want your channel setup NOW without having to login to a SaaS or accessing your platform Livecast365 will setup everything for you. If you just want one channel and you do not want to fuss with any setup or configuration then our Insta-Channel program is just for you. We build and launch everything, all you do is login and upload videos our host live events.